Saturday, August 11, 2012


I would never hurt you.
I would never do you wrong.
All I wanted was to look and see
a spark of recognition,
like a grizzled old sea dog
who locks eyes with the sea,
and sees, again, what 
made him love her first.

But it wasn’t meant to be
that easy, love,
because the road to love
is one hell of a storm, and
we, it seems, aren’t above
getting holes in our ships
on the way.

I thought we’d bind our rafts together,
sail the sea together, share our
journeys, and our stories; but
it seems we still
have some storms to weather; but
we’re going different places.

So let’s leave this desert place,
because Cupid smiles
like the Cheshire Cat,
and I must go, 
and I must go;
but I’ll look back once in my
rear-view mirror.

Because, you see, it

wasn’t meant to be,
my love.
It wasn’t meant to be
my love.
It wasn’t meant to be
my love;

but that doesn't mean it's easy.

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