Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stardust Musings

Do stars, so
Still and fixed,
Collect celestial
Will not their fuses
Blow one day
And plunge the skies
In darkness
Broke alone by
Sun’s and Moon’s
Now guideless
And will that
Heaven’s Handyman, when
Making bright again,
Not then perhaps
A whisper loose and
Let to earth that
Dust of stars
Come dancing, fall in rain?
I wonder whether
It, by long association,
Shares some twinkling brightness,
Or whether it shall sure
Maintain a separate
All unknown?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Firebird Earth

"Bring the snow,
Bring the snow!"
Is the the stout battle cry
Of the dry, brittle leaves
As they leap from the trees
And the mad, driving wind
Whips them all to a craze,
Till their brown, hollow moans
Broach the skies
Dark and gray:
"Bring us life,
Bring us life!"
For they know
That the snow is earth's
Deathly redemption.