Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sit and Watch and Know

Well, since my absence has been so long, I might as well share this one too. I'm not 100% certain that it's done, but here you go anyway, you swirling vortex of cyberspace.

Sit and watch the cornfields grow.
See their hands reach out for life,
Watch the earth give birth to green.

Lie and watch the clouds above,
Feel the sunshine warm your face.
Fill your lungs with breezes cool,
That skip through fields
And swing through trees.

Feel the earth spin tip-toe
'Round the sun.
Watch as morning blue gives way to n ight.
Catch the first star's flick'ring light,
Free to shine now
Sun's bright beams are tucked away
Beneath horizon's ever changing line.

Watch the changeless constellations form,
their glittering glow from ages past
Still calls to  mind eternity.

Sit and watch the world around you breathe.
Feel the heartbeat of the seasons,
The rhythm of the day-to-day.

Stand, and feel your heart beat strong.
Stand, and know how good it is
To be alive.


So I realize that it's terribly overdue, but since this is mostly for my benefit rather than yours (at least I tell myself that most of the time), I'm not overly worried. But that is unimportant. What is important is that I now post my poem and have done with this nonsense.

Eyelids fall, ensaring mind
In tangled, coiling tempests,
Sometimes leading on to deeper dark
Than lightless night,
Sometimes speaking words
We're scared to say ourselves,
Or filled with madness,
Silly, pointless motion.
But light or dark or in between,
Day's bright spears will
Break Sleep's shroud of dreams,
Awaking mind to daily duty's call,
Where mind finds solace or regret
From where it's been,
If Memory's nets do capture dreams.