Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Sister

Recently (okay, a few hours ago), while I was surfing the web instead of studying, like the responsible student that I sometimes pretend to be, or sleeping, like normal people do, I stumbled across an interesting site called The Frisky, where I read an article entitled What My Sister Taught Me. It touched my heart, and it made me feel terribly homesick, yet simultaneously content. It reminded me how deeply I love my sisters, and how much they love me in return. And when that kind of thing happens, well, a poem isn't usually far off. So this one's for my sisters, Antonia, Maria, Elena and Rosa (plus the "adopted" ones), and for everybody else's sisters too. You gals are incredible, and I thank God for you.

A sister’s a friend and an ally,
And someone who stomps on your foot.
She’ll laugh at you, poke at you,
Smile her sweet smile                          
And you’ll love her with all of your heart.
No matter if older or younger, bigger or smaller;
You look out for her,
See things she doesn’t,
And land a hard punch on the guy
Who bad-mouths or creeps
On your sis.
Because easy or hard times
Your blood is the same,
And through all the pain and the boring and difference,
A sister’s a sister,
A treasure’s a treasure,
And who would I be to distinguish the two?